Wednesday Roundup: favorite spots around town

Lynn has a pretty bad reputation on the North Shore. There’s even a saying that goes:

“Lynn, Lynn City of Sin, you never come out the way you go in.”

It’s sad that people have this stuck in their heads that it’s so dangerous–sketchy and undesirable. Not saying all of Lynn isn’t. It’s definitely got it’s good & bad parts!

Lynn’s for sure not a tourist destination. Definitely not the first town that comes to your mind when you think “cities with good night life or amazing restaurants.”

However, this is where my home is right now and I’m making it my mission to discover Lynn’s little secrets– attractions that make Lynn somewhere people from other cities would come.

And there are actually quite a few places in or near Lynn that I like going to. I’m glad we live here! For my roundup today, these are a few of my favorite things places.

1. Nahant // Lynn Beach
Nahant beach
Miles of sand, Perfect to run on, perfect to sun on. Winter fall summer spring, my husband and I love taking walks to the beach or driving and sitting in the car staring at the waves when it’s too cold.
Nahant is a cute little town where I like to drive around and look at houses. There are houses of all sorts of shapes and sizes– glorious New England seaside houses. I’ve also heard they have great garage sales in the summer, so I’m eagerly awaiting that!
House in Nahant, MA

2. Tacos Lupita
This is a great little Mexican Restaurant right in the heart of Central Squre. Their burritos and quesadillas are super delicious. And they’re really fast. You can call it in and they’ll have it ready for you by the time you walk over and pick it up.

Tacos Lupita from yelp

3. Turbine Wine Bar
This is one of my favorites in Lynn. I haven’t been here very often, but the people that run the place are very friendly and their beer/wine selection is fantastic. The only food I’ve tried so far is the cheese tasting plate which was delicious, but I’d definitely go here again and try everything they have 🙂 They often have live music (local artists I believe) and dancing here! Go check them out.

Turbine Wine Bar

4. Arts After Hours
so i have to confess I still haven’t made it to the community theatre here in Lynn but this summer they’re doing Shakespeare in Lynn Woods (Twelfth Night) and I’m planning on going! I’m a big fan of what they’re doing and the idea behind it all – to bring the arts into this city.

5. Zimman’s fabric & furniture… I probably gushed enough about this place here and here so you probably get the idea.

6. Lynn Public Library
Well who doesn’t like to spend some time in an old beautiful building looking at books, DVDs, and books on tape? Colby and I go here a lot to stock up before a long road trip.
Lynn Public Library from Wikipedia

Trash and Treasures…. thrift stores & flea markets

I’ve always wanted to go to a flea market. I’ve heard many great things (and some bad):

  • You can bargain with people (definitely takes me back to my days in the Congo!)
  • You can find very random things you might not have known you were looking for
  • You can find great deals
  • You can people watch….
Those were enough reasons for me today!

I was on a shopping trip to Wal Mart today for a few Valentines-y things I wanted. In the parking lot next to my Wal Mart, there’s a  giant lot called the Lynnway Mart. They have an indoor area filled with lots of little shops (but I’ve never been inside to be honest… I’ve only heard about it!) and then they have a big parking lot (full every weekend) where people set up tables and set up shop.

Full parking lot:lynnway mart parking lot

Yes, they had boxes and boxes of junk…. of course I saw hundreds of pirated DVDs, knock-off fashion accessories, etc.

Now, I wasn’t very hopeful going in…. I left my wallet in the car, kept some cash in my pocket, and walked around. I was surprised to find quite a few things I would have liked to bring home. Some of the furniture looked decent enough, and I’m sure I could have bargained and gotten a better price than Zimman’s would have given me… 🙂 But I’m not gonna lie. I did see a lot of stuff that looks like someone found in a dumpster and brought it to the market. Most everything seemed covered in a layer of dust…. and there were bins and bins of just pure junk. There was even a guy selling tires!

Yes, it felt very developing world-ish, but I wasn’t bothered at all, … no one was pushy, which made me happy.

I found one friendly Boston man selling some stuff that almost looked vintage or antique. When I started picking things up and asking him for the price, everything I asked him got the answer “That’s five dollahs.”

“–and what about this?”

“Same thing, five dollahs for that one too.”

I was happy to leave his table with a little wooden art case and a rusty kettle. For 5 dollahs each.

This is a “Vintage ‘aht’ box” the guy explained:

art box

Haha, right… not sure if this can be considered “vintage” yet!artist box

On my way home, since I was on a “shop for junk” kick, I stopped at the tiny Salvation Army store in Central Square. I got lucky there too! I found a neat oil lantern for $6 and a dark metal lamp (without a shade but I’ll get one eventually) for $7.99!

kettle, art case, lantern

That’s what a good day feels like. 🙂


A day at Zimman’s – Part II

Aside from the vast array of beautiful (or at least interesting) fabric, Zimman’s also sells furniture.





There are two full floors of gorgeous and unique furniture pieces. They call it their Furniture Emporium. I like that word, so I had to add that in.

Although I loved the pieces I saw at Zimman’s, I resisted the urge to buy. I couldn’t have afforded much! Their furniture prices are off the charts. But that’s probably because of the quality. Everything looked to be really high end. I’m no expert, and I haven’t done an awful lot of furniture buying (aside from on Craig’s List), so I wouldn’t know, but if you go here, do expect to pay between $400 and $8,000 for what you might be looking for. They have couches, tables, lighting, mirrors, bookshelves, hutches, bedframes, …. everything, but the prices are pretty steep.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go check it out, though! I had a ton of fun just browsing. Here’s some of what I liked:

wooden table

This is the main second floor…. lots to look at!

Who doesn’t want a game table like this? Oh wait, it’s almost $400.

Game Table

One day, I’d love a big round dining room table like this!

Round wooden table

COW Ottoman?! Yes Please… who wouldn’t love this? 🙂

cow ottoman

I LOVE this bench and silver table!

metal table

Stainless steel ottoman with pink chairs

stainless steel ottoman & pink chairs

There was a lot to LIKE at this place. I’ll have to start a savings jar just for Zimman’s…. Or, better yet, I’ll just keep my eyes on Craig’s List and roadsides for stuff that looks like this!

A day at Zimman’s – Part I

Today I ventured out to Zimman’s which is very close to where I live. I’d heard about this place from a friend and decided today was the day to find out what it was all about. I had no idea what to expect, but I was blown away.

Zimman’s is a ginormous fabric and furniture store. They have just about every kind of material you can imagine… on two whole floors! They offer interior design services and reupholster furniture… if you’re ever around the North Shore, you need to pay a visit.

Here’s a glimpse:

As I mentioned, they have everything you could ever want….
They had a whole section for trim/tassels

tassels & trim
Who doesn’t need a bit of cowhide?

This reminded me of Phantom of the Opera 🙂

monkeyFun patterns!

Pillows anyone?


If you want more information on this place before you go, I found a great post from Apartment Therapy here.