Wednesday Roundup: favorite spots around town

Lynn has a pretty bad reputation on the North Shore. There’s even a saying that goes:

“Lynn, Lynn City of Sin, you never come out the way you go in.”

It’s sad that people have this stuck in their heads that it’s so dangerous–sketchy and undesirable. Not saying all of Lynn isn’t. It’s definitely got it’s good & bad parts!

Lynn’s for sure not a tourist destination. Definitely not the first town that comes to your mind when you think “cities with good night life or amazing restaurants.”

However, this is where my home is right now and I’m making it my mission to discover Lynn’s little secrets– attractions that make Lynn somewhere people from other cities would come.

And there are actually quite a few places in or near Lynn that I like going to. I’m glad we live here! For my roundup today, these are a few of my favorite things places.

1. Nahant // Lynn Beach
Nahant beach
Miles of sand, Perfect to run on, perfect to sun on. Winter fall summer spring, my husband and I love taking walks to the beach or driving and sitting in the car staring at the waves when it’s too cold.
Nahant is a cute little town where I like to drive around and look at houses. There are houses of all sorts of shapes and sizes– glorious New England seaside houses. I’ve also heard they have great garage sales in the summer, so I’m eagerly awaiting that!
House in Nahant, MA

2. Tacos Lupita
This is a great little Mexican Restaurant right in the heart of Central Squre. Their burritos and quesadillas are super delicious. And they’re really fast. You can call it in and they’ll have it ready for you by the time you walk over and pick it up.

Tacos Lupita from yelp

3. Turbine Wine Bar
This is one of my favorites in Lynn. I haven’t been here very often, but the people that run the place are very friendly and their beer/wine selection is fantastic. The only food I’ve tried so far is the cheese tasting plate which was delicious, but I’d definitely go here again and try everything they have 🙂 They often have live music (local artists I believe) and dancing here! Go check them out.

Turbine Wine Bar

4. Arts After Hours
so i have to confess I still haven’t made it to the community theatre here in Lynn but this summer they’re doing Shakespeare in Lynn Woods (Twelfth Night) and I’m planning on going! I’m a big fan of what they’re doing and the idea behind it all – to bring the arts into this city.

5. Zimman’s fabric & furniture… I probably gushed enough about this place here and here so you probably get the idea.

6. Lynn Public Library
Well who doesn’t like to spend some time in an old beautiful building looking at books, DVDs, and books on tape? Colby and I go here a lot to stock up before a long road trip.
Lynn Public Library from Wikipedia