Drawer Makeovers

Happy President’s Day! Since I got to stay home today, I decided to tackle a part of the apartment that might not be noticed by visitors, but one that I notice every single day. The bathroom drawers! I’ve been putting this little project off for far too long, but I have had a plan in my head ever since I came across Cupcakes and Cashmere‘s blog post Cosmetic Clutter.

This did not need to take all day, but between fighting the wind outside while I spray painted, waiting for the stuff to dry, cleaning out my drawers, putting things neatly back inside, and then posting these pictures, I regretfully admit that I have been working on this the entire day with a few little breaks in between. These kinds of projects are a full time job. That’s why I sometimes wish I didn’t have to go to work. I sometimes wish this stuff could be my job.

So let’s begin! I picked up some ugly plastic drawer organizers at Wal Mart ($1.50 for a pack of 3), grabbed my spray paint, and got out a few dishes from Ikea that were leftovers from my college days.

supplies to makeover drawers

You don’t have to spray paint the bowl and plate if you are happy enough with the plastic organizers. I just wanted to spice it up a little. The frosted glass spray paint was only for the dishes. The plastic bins are fine to spray directly with normal spray paint. Just make sure they’re clean before you start.

After everything dried, and before I put all my junk back in the drawers, I laid out some drawer liner paper. This process was a little frustrating for me since the paper I used didn’t have a peel off sticky side. I tried to use tape.

My advice: Get some real drawer-liner paper.

my before & after bathroom drawer #2

my before and after bathroom drawers

So much better!

A New Home for the Magazines

When I got back from work tonight, I realized I needed to do something creative again. I enjoyed that a lot yesterday. I looked around my apartment and realized that since the other day when I changed my bathroom up a bit, my magazines were displaced.

They used to live here:

Magazines in the basket

Which was fine, but I needed a different home for them. And I obviously couldn’t have this on my coffee table (below):

a mess, I know

Ever since we started getting Time & Entertainment magazine subscriptions, our stack has steadily increased in height. And I haven’t read more than 2 of these so far!

A while back, I came across this PIN:


….and I realized tonight that this was what I could easily do without having to run out and buy supplies!

Sew Many Ways has a great tutorial for making these yourself that you should definitely check out! I just followed her simple step by step instructions. I had the cereal box and I found some extra scrap booking paper in my little craft box.

She says you can use tissue paper, fabric, wrapping paper, or even just paint. Get as creative as you want! I opted for thick paper and since I didn’t have any adhesive spray, I just used a hot glue gun. I also couldn’t find a ruler in our house (pathetic, I know!), so I kind of just eye-balled it.

Halfway there...with my supplies

I had a few little issues where the glue was drying a lot faster than I could press the paper down straight, and I cut a few sides just a tad too short, but overall, it was fun and super easy!

Here’s the finished product:

DIY Magazine Holder

DIY Magazine holder-After

Bathroom with magazine holder

Pretty cute, right?