La Vie {About}

I have always loved home decorating/DIY blogs but never thought that I myself would start one.

I’m newly married (as of June 2011), working a full time job, living in an apartment just outside of Boston, and definitely don’t consider myself to be very good at decorating. Me and my husband’s apartment is pretty simple, and I know there’s still lots we can do to make it the home we’ll love to go home to each night.

This year one of my New Year’s resolutions was to start this blog. I want to start redecorating my apartment and use this blog to encourage other women who don’t feel like they’re Martha Stewarts either. The truth is, there are simple ideas all over the internet, and all it really takes is some motivation to start taking people’s ideas and putting them in your home.

Another resolution was to start cooking more (healthier) meals! Getting home pretty late each weekday night doesn’t make you want to jump in the kitchen and spend time figuring out what to make and then cook a nice meal. So from time to time, I might not be able to resist posting recipes I find that don’t take all day to make, or that you can do ahead of time and freeze,…or that you can make the night before and throw in the crock pot in the morning (those are the best)! I’m a big believer that tasty meals don’t have to take 3 hours to prepare and they can still be healthy… I just need to track down more of those easy recipes out there…. and motivate myself to try them out!

From decorating on a budget, to learning to stay organized, to cooking more meals every week, this blog is all about living in an urban apartment and loving it. So join me as I try to make my apartment feel a little more homey… and learn to live a little healthier in the small amounts of free time that I have!

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures are property of la vie Urbane. If there is a picture on my site that I did not take, I will give the creator their credit. Please respectfully do the same and credit me or contact me if you want to use my pictures.

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