Time to Read (and make some changes)

Wheat-BellyWheat Belly is a recent book about by Cardiologist William Davis my oldest sister told me about since she just finished reading it. Yep, it might sound pretty gross and you may not want to read it for fear it will make you want to cut out wheat, but that’s exactly why I want to finish reading it.

After stocking up on Chia seeds and trying to get into the habit of making fruity breakfast smoothies a few weeks ago, I have started trying to pay attention to what I eat at all times of the day– whether that means remembering to pack a healthy salad for lunch or saying no to the always fully stocked snack cupboard in my office, not going overboard with the sugar and cream in my coffee, etc. I have yet to feel that Chia seeds “give me energy” like everyone has been saying but since I have them every morning now, I’ve realized I don’t feel as starving when 11:50am rolls around – when my stomach would typically be starting to growl. Chia seeds affect everyone a little differently I guess.

My sister mentioned the book Wheat Belly on Father’s Day when we were all on Google Hangout as a family. She challenged us to give up wheat and said she’s only been off it for a few weeks herself and has already lost a good amount of weight. I thought, why not give it a try? I know so many people that say they feel so much better being gluten-free. Some of the stuff in Davis’ book is just so interesting too. His main point (which you can find just in the intro) makes me want to buy the book to read more:

I believe that the increased consumption of grains – or more accurately, the increased consumption of this genetically-altered thing called modern wheat – explains the contrast between slender, sedentary people of the fifties and overweight twenty-first century people, triathletes included.

So I have been off wheat so far for about 1.5 weeks.

Have I noticed anything different? So far, nothing too drastic.

Is it hard? Yes. Well, it can be very difficult on certain days.

My first week was almost a bust. There was one day when I simply forgot I was doing this no wheat thing and ate a cookie. Another day when I had half of a cupcake jar (couldn’t let that go to waste!)… and yes, last Wednesday I ate one slice of pizza. Baby steps right?! The hardest for me is definitely baked goods. Especially since our office often has cookies and cupcakes just sitting around….

platter of cookies

I’ve got too big of a sweet tooth! ūüôā I’m not going super strict with this no-wheat thing yet. I haven’t been reading all the labels scouting for gluten. I think I just have to start slow … and we’ll see what happens!

At least things like this aren’t off-limits!

Ice Cream salmon, shish kebabs, potatoes

On Saturday, I went to a Birthday party and they had lots of yummy pizza. Gluten-free pizza crust (using rice flour)! It was some of the best homemade pizza dough I’ve ever tasted. I’m not normally one to like the taste of things like this that are actually “good” for you, so it was exciting to try this! ūüôā

So. I’ll leave you with this… let’s get baking!
Gluten Free No-Bake Cookies

How about you, readers — what do you think of a wheat-free diet? Are any of you gluten free eaters?

She’s come back!

My Dear Readers,

If any of you are left you’re probably wondered what happened to me. It’s almost been a year since I posted about my little Bachelor finale party… And now a new season of the Bachelorette has started up, reminding me to get back on the blog! I have been getting tired of feeling guilty about not posting anything so I’m coming back.

Truth is I’ve been busy (aren’t we all) and haven’t been doing much of anything “post-worthy” — or at least nothing very “DIY” or creative… I always said I’d never apologize if there was a Casual Vacancy in my posting suddenly but here I am, apologizing. Summer Fridays are in full swing again at work so with this bit of extra time during the week, Ill try to start posting regularly again and I’ll try not to go so long between posts this time!

Here’s to trying to get into better habits,

Kitchen Dreaming

Since we just moved, it’s hard to not pin every kitchen picture I see on Pinterest. Our old apartment had way more space (including cupboard and counter space) so I’ve been looking for ways to organize all our kitchen stuff that just doesn’t fit. For now we’re using our black Ikea 2×4 cubed bookshelf to hold pots and the appliances that take up too much counter space! It works well but doesn’t fit in with the other colors in the kitchen. It’s just til we can find a pot rack and maybe some shelves… and a small enough island or narrow enough buffet piece. Since I don’t think I ever put up pictures of our kitchen in our last apartment, here it is!


yes, you’re seeing that right… there really is a garden rake and pick-ax on top of our cabinets!

And the rest of this post contains things I’ve pinned on my “kitchenspiration’ board that I’ve been drooling over.

I’m very obsessed with coffee. We might even have space for something around this size:



Tall ceilings and glorious wood beams ūüôā = dream kitchen.

Source: houzz.com via Evangeline on Pinterest



Open & airy with a nice island and humongous stove! … and is that a tropical beach outside?!


Loving all the yellow with these shelves!


These bold stripes are perfect.


Great breakfast area with such an awesome table!

Summer tops I’d love to steal…

I can’t believe it’s mid-July already!! It’s been hotter than ever up here in MA but I’ve been thoroughly enjoying it. ūüôā Here are some adorable summery tops I’ve got my eyes on…

Summer tops I'd love to have right now!

Wallis polka dot blouse


One sleeve top

Hollister Co cotton shirt

Tube top

Lipsy embellished top

Peplum top

Spring brings new life changes, showers of flowers

It was a wild Spring! Don’t worry, I know it’s mid-July… Things have honestly been so crazy that I’m months behind on posting though. I feel like life is going 90 miles per minute and the things I resolved to do this New Years Eve keep slipping away from me. I was doing pretty well for a little while, trying new recipes and cooking more often, I even started going to the gym 3 times a week at the end of March… But then more life happened and my routine got a little derailed.

Let me tell you a little about what’s happened since Jan. 1. And please excuse the photo quality… I took these all on my phone.

January- husband got a new job and was in Chicago for 6 weeks training!

February- I started looking for a new job after 33 people at my agency got laid off in one day…eek

March- we decided since hubs’ new job required him to be on the road most of the week, it made sense to get a more fuel efficient ride. We found an electric blue Honda Insight, fell in love with her mpg and pulled the trigger. Now we are making payments on ‘Kelly Blue’ … Our cool highschoolish Mitsubishi Eclipse (“Misty”) was traded in, and Kelly is bringing in a little extra $ for us!

End of March-I found a new job and flew home for a week and a half after my last day at One to One Interactive/Sparkline Digital

what's outside my cube

April- at home I chopped my hair off so I could start fresh at the new agency on April 9 (where not too many people knew me with long hair)

We also joined a new church on the North Shore and started looking for apartments since our lease ended end of June.

June- On June 4th we celebrated our 1st year of marriage,… and the next week we found a great apartment and signed the lease!

instagram of our new apartment

Moving day was June 16 and we’re still trying to unpack and make the place our home…

Nicer pictures to come, I promise! I’m just a little embarrassed by the state it’s in right now to show you…

I love it though and I’m so so happy in our new neighborhood!!

We’ve had lots of busy nights and weekends lately (three weekends ago: a wedding in Philly; two weekends ago we went to sunny CA for a little vaca; last weekend: another wedding…) so there hasn’t been time to really put away everything that doesn’t have a closet or cupboard. We’ll have to take a serious trip to Ikea (while also searching craigslist) for things like a pot hanger, shelves or little cupboard for the bathroom, and some kind of kitchen island for more counter space and shelving. Also praying to find a good deal on a used washer & dryer and microwave as well!

Did I mention how happy I am? I’m so thankful to be married to the most wonderful man in the world, thankful for a sweet new place, a car that gets us where we need to go, a church family super close by, a good job….I could go on and on. I’m thankful for this first year of marriage and all that we’ve gotten to do and all the places we’ve gotten to go,…people we’ve gotten to know, and the closer we’ve gotten to each other…..etc!

I love working in marketing…

I love my job for many reasons, but one great reason is that I can wear fun
things like these (yes, even flip flops at times!) ūüôācute outfits

Dorothy Perkins polyester shirt

Oasis cap sleeve shirt

Cotton tunic

Chiffon shirt

Full Tilt polka dot top

Dorothy Perkins beige skinny jeans

Wallis white cotton pants

Warehouse pants capri

Mango distressed skinny jeans

H&m jeans

Flat heels

Banana Republic thong sandals

Oasis flat leather sandals

Rubber shoes

Ballet shoes

Red Herring sequin shoes

Slingback sandals