Spring brings new life changes, showers of flowers

It was a wild Spring! Don’t worry, I know it’s mid-July… Things have honestly been so crazy that I’m months behind on posting though. I feel like life is going 90 miles per minute and the things I resolved to do this New Years Eve keep slipping away from me. I was doing pretty well for a little while, trying new recipes and cooking more often, I even started going to the gym 3 times a week at the end of March… But then more life happened and my routine got a little derailed.

Let me tell you a little about what’s happened since Jan. 1. And please excuse the photo quality… I took these all on my phone.

January- husband got a new job and was in Chicago for 6 weeks training!

February- I started looking for a new job after 33 people at my agency got laid off in one day…eek

March- we decided since hubs’ new job required him to be on the road most of the week, it made sense to get a more fuel efficient ride. We found an electric blue Honda Insight, fell in love with her mpg and pulled the trigger. Now we are making payments on ‘Kelly Blue’ … Our cool highschoolish Mitsubishi Eclipse (“Misty”) was traded in, and Kelly is bringing in a little extra $ for us!

End of March-I found a new job and flew home for a week and a half after my last day at One to One Interactive/Sparkline Digital

what's outside my cube

April- at home I chopped my hair off so I could start fresh at the new agency on April 9 (where not too many people knew me with long hair)

We also joined a new church on the North Shore and started looking for apartments since our lease ended end of June.

June- On June 4th we celebrated our 1st year of marriage,… and the next week we found a great apartment and signed the lease!

instagram of our new apartment

Moving day was June 16 and we’re still trying to unpack and make the place our home…

Nicer pictures to come, I promise! I’m just a little embarrassed by the state it’s in right now to show you…

I love it though and I’m so so happy in our new neighborhood!!

We’ve had lots of busy nights and weekends lately (three weekends ago: a wedding in Philly; two weekends ago we went to sunny CA for a little vaca; last weekend: another wedding…) so there hasn’t been time to really put away everything that doesn’t have a closet or cupboard. We’ll have to take a serious trip to Ikea (while also searching craigslist) for things like a pot hanger, shelves or little cupboard for the bathroom, and some kind of kitchen island for more counter space and shelving. Also praying to find a good deal on a used washer & dryer and microwave as well!

Did I mention how happy I am? I’m so thankful to be married to the most wonderful man in the world, thankful for a sweet new place, a car that gets us where we need to go, a church family super close by, a good job….I could go on and on. I’m thankful for this first year of marriage and all that we’ve gotten to do and all the places we’ve gotten to go,…people we’ve gotten to know, and the closer we’ve gotten to each other…..etc!

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  1. I’m soo happy and excited for you two! Where did you end up moving to? Moving is always overwhelming and takes longer than anticipated to actually settle in, so no worries about the photos 🙂 But, I’m excited to see them when you do post them! I’m so glad this has been such a great time in your life. Makes me really, really happy.

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