KittenFace Photoshoot

Whenever I go home, I get to see our cat ‘Minou’ who we got as a kitten for my dad’s birthday last year. She’s not much of a kitten anymore… actually, she’s super spoiled and has become quite plump since I saw her last! Couldn’t resist taking a few shots of this photogenic kitty.
Minou the kitty cat

Before we named her Minou, I started calling her Kitten Face. I’ll try to dig up some pictures of her as a kitten because she was adorable. Rescued from the streets of Southport, NC by a vet! Even though I’m slightly allergic to cats now (an allergy that developed after going to college, I think, since I wasn’t around cats for almost 4 years), they’re still my favorite pet and I am ready for the day we move to a place that allows pets so we can get a Siberian kitten!


Siberians have hypoallergenic fur and a lot of people with cat allergies aren’t bothered by this breed! That’ll be perfect for us since my husband also suffers from cat allergies. Ok, I’m done talking about cats… as you can tell, I’m a bit obsessed….

Happy Maundy Thursday!

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