I want to send someone a greeting…

I come from a big family. Three boys and Five girls to be exact. My oldest sister is probably the most creative of the family. She was always stamping and scrapbooking,…making homemade gifts (including delicious baked goods), and trying to teach me how to do the same.

She was the first of us siblings to get married and she’s continued being artsy even now while being a mother of 3 children! She’s quite a sister and I look up to her so much. Today I wanted to feature some of her talent. She made these beautiful cards below. Don’t you think she should open her own Etsy shop? 🙂

My sister Elisabeth wanted to make sure I made it clear that some of her ideas come from other people’s… like this Bride & Groom one she said she copied and the bird cage one as well… I still think she gets credit for being able to pull these off so well!

DIY Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards by Elisabeth

For some other really cute card designs go here to Just for You by Jenn!

One response

  1. Tom and Sarah would buy whatever E has for sale. I heard she is even starting to talk funny. She needs to come back across the pond for a tuneup. Plus her Daddy misses her.

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