Flirtin’ with the Curtains

We have a large span of windows in our living room – 168 inches to be exact (14 feet!). We spent a lot of time deliberating how to make curtains work in our living room since the mini-blinds remind me of a rather dreary college dorm. Also, our apartment’s moulding is a nursery school blue: the baseboards, the frames around doors and closets…yes, blue everywhere. Curtains would be nice 🙂

We shopped around for a while online, went to Wal-Mart, Target, TJ Maxx (you never know what you’ll find), but finally decided to make the trek to Ikea. Ikea’s about 45 mins away from us but the trip is always worth it! My husband and I always make a fun date out of it when we go there.

In order to have enough curtains to cover our 3 big windows, we had to buy two sets of 98 inchers which are hard to find elswhere. But Ikea sold the ones we wanted for $24.99/set. Then we got 2 sets of curtain rods (these were $10 each), ditched the dinky rod ends that came with the set and snagged a bigger pair.

The curtains are just barely long enough (we have 9.5 ft. ceilings) but they do the job.

Picture time!

Setting up Ikea Curtains

We thought the process of setting them up would be tricky, but it went rather smoothly!

wrinkled curtains

They were a little wrinkled coming out of the package but after struggling to iron one big curtain for over half an hour (it’s a long process!), I gave up and sprayed some water on them to see if they would unwrinkle with a little gravity.

The next day they looked a lot better, but having them completely closed reminded me of a sketchy funeral home (“Whoa! It’s wicked dahk in hyeah!” Colby yelled one morning) so we tried this:

Ikea curtains hung

Now it feels more homey and now we can wave to our friends at Miguel Angel Barber Shop!

views outside our window

Did you notice the lantern on our coffee table? Yeah, we got that when we bought our curtains, along with a mirror. And a plant. And hangers. Oh and chocolate and a hot dog. That place is dangerous.

Ikea Candle Lantern

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