A New Home for the Magazines

When I got back from work tonight, I realized I needed to do something creative again. I enjoyed that a lot yesterday. I looked around my apartment and realized that since the other day when I changed my bathroom up a bit, my magazines were displaced.

They used to live here:

Magazines in the basket

Which was fine, but I needed a different home for them. And I obviously couldn’t have this on my coffee table (below):

a mess, I know

Ever since we started getting Time & Entertainment magazine subscriptions, our stack has steadily increased in height. And I haven’t read more than 2 of these so far!

A while back, I came across this PIN:


….and I realized tonight that this was what I could easily do without having to run out and buy supplies!

Sew Many Ways has a great tutorial for making these yourself that you should definitely check out! I just followed her simple step by step instructions. I had the cereal box and I found some extra scrap booking paper in my little craft box.

She says you can use tissue paper, fabric, wrapping paper, or even just paint. Get as creative as you want! I opted for thick paper and since I didn’t have any adhesive spray, I just used a hot glue gun. I also couldn’t find a ruler in our house (pathetic, I know!), so I kind of just eye-balled it.

Halfway there...with my supplies

I had a few little issues where the glue was drying a lot faster than I could press the paper down straight, and I cut a few sides just a tad too short, but overall, it was fun and super easy!

Here’s the finished product:

DIY Magazine Holder

DIY Magazine holder-After

Bathroom with magazine holder

Pretty cute, right?

Creative Stands to Show off your Sweet Treats

I came across this idea on Centsational Girl and decided that today was the day I would try it. She has tons of awesome ideas, so definitely check her blog out if you haven’t already.

Go to see Centsational's how-to


Cute, right? And it’s so easy to find cheap mismatched dishes… whether you go to Goodwill or Dollar Tree (which is where I found mine) or if you have some lying around your house that need some love, this is an easy idea you shouldn’t pass up. Especially with Valentines Day coming soon—you’ll need a cute way to display those sweet little treats.

I’ve had a lot of free time this weekend, so I trecked to Home Depot today and bought my supplies. Okay, well, I had to get a few other things while I was there too.

Best Buy bounty

Supplies you’ll need:

  • Frosted Glass spray paint (for priming the dishes) $4.98
  • Krylon Colored Spray Paint $3.47/can
  • Silicone adhesive sealant (this is like your “glue”) $3.89
  • Gloves
  • And of course a few unique glasses (goblets, wine glasses, martini glasses,…go crazy!) and dessert plates

Let’s go! If you haven’t spray painted much (like me), watch this helpful video from Centsational Girl!

Make sure you do this in a well-ventilated area (preferably outside) so you don’t inhale TOO many fumes. Get as much newspaper out as you can (more than you think you’ll need) or lay down some plastic.

Step 1:
Clean your dishes with soap and water, and dry them thoroughly. Don’t forget to take off sticky price tags if there are any!


Step 2:
Start by spraying your dishes inside and out with the glass froster. Hold the can 10-12 inches away and have at it!
Once your dishes are “frosted,” let them dry for at least 10 mins. You might have to turn them over and let the other sides dry for 10 mins too.

Frosty Glasses

Step 3:
Once you have frosty white glasses & plates, turn the plate upside down and place the glass where you will want to glue it. Try to keep it still while you spray so you’ll have a nice ring underneath that will help you know exactly where to draw the silicone ring.

Now grab your colored spray paint and spray spray spray. You might want to do 2-3 coats depending on the look you’re going for. In between coats, turn your plate over and get that side really well. Let  the dishes dry for a couple hours before starting step 4.

shiny black


Step 4:
After a few hours, grab your sillicone sealant. Trace the ring you have on the bottom of the plate with the sealant. Use a pretty good amount and then smoosh the glass on top of the layer of silicone. Press down firmly and let dry. Read the instructions to see how long it takes to “cure” but I’d say wait about 12 hours. After that, you’re done and ready to put some treats on these babies!

Ready to serve on!

After 🙂

DIY dessert stands

And one last pictures for those of you looking for more Valentine’s Day ideas! Valentines Day Stands

Note: For my spray paint colors I used Krylon Metallic Silver, Gold, and Black. I’m planning on using the gold and silver ones next year for Christmas and New Years!

What’s for Dinner | Stir-Fry

I went grocery shopping today and decided to venture down the freezer aisle for some reason. I don’t like buy too many frozen items because I always end up finding a tub of all-too-tempting ice cream, and it somehow finds its way into my cart. Today however, I dodged the ice cream section and browsed the stir-fry options.

I grew up on stir-fry. I had it probably once a week–always fresh vegetables and nice basmatti rice–not the minute kind. Since I’ve gotten married for some reason, though, I haven’t had or made stir fry. Today for some reason I had a craving for it and picked up a bag of Green Giant “just-add-chicken” sweet & sour stir fry! 🙂

You can’t beat meals that take this little prep time!

green giant stir fry

Yes, maybe you may say this is cheating…. because it is, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a bag of frozen vegetables every now and then. 🙂 And since the husband isn’t home, I have enough left over for lunch tomorrow and dinner tomorrow night!

What are some of your easy go-to meals that you might feel are cheating?

Elaina Murphy’s Candle Fusions

Hurricane Candle HolderFor Christmas, my Mom got each of her married kids this unique gift. She found them at a local art show in Southport, NC. They’re called Hurricane Candle Holders – they’re made of some kind of plastic and wax with shells or whatever else embedded into them. You fill the bottom with one inch of water and put a glass votive candle inside.

Elaina Murphy who makes them doesn’t have her own website yet, but she does have a Facebook and you can order by emailing her. This is what mine looks like but she has lots of other examples on her Facebook. I think they’re so neat!

Our Bathroom ~ La Bain

We have a pretty big bathroom. We can’t do too many renovations to it since we’re just renting the place, but little things can make a big difference. We replaced the light fixture which I couldn’t stand and couldn’t see anything from (yay husband!)…

our little bathroom

This cupboard above the toilet was there (yay!) which we can store things in,… but I added a few little touches to the shelves.

la toilette

Our decorated toilet

Basket for the TP & Mason Jar

shelf above the toilet

I love the little chicken tea lite holder

Vintage bottles

We kept the shower curtain rod (don’t look too closely, ew) but got new hooks and a curtain.

I’m a big believer in candles, as you can tell…. there are candles all over our apartment, but I think one of my favorite places for candles is in the bathroom. Why? Candlelight bubble baths can’t be beat!
Do you like this candle holder?! More on that here.

Fusion Candle Holder

Besides hanging the new light fixture in here, hubby also screwed in the 2 bird accents. The one on the left wall is a piece from Marshalls (one of my favorite places) and our towel ring is from this adorable place up in Lewiston, Maine called Nest.
towel ring